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Rude Awakenings

Excuse my logic but aren’t some forms of behavior rude and downright crass?  I have personally been on the receiving end of all the following types of gaffes in etiquette but have survived to tell the tale.

Listed for your entertainment are human foibles and rude behaviors that can best be described as (excuse the play on words) – “Rude-imentary”.


  • The person who is on the self checkout lane at the supermarket.  The sign says “15 items or less”.  They have a dozen bottles of Vitamin Water but count this as one item.  They have six containers of yogurt, all the same flavor so they count this as one item.  You get the picture.  In reality they are checking out 40 or 50 items but they’re in no rush and figure you shouldn’t be in a rush either.
  • People who during big snowstorms put garbage cans to mark their parking spot on the street.  This isn’t like when someone reserves a seat at the theater and the person it’s being reserved for will return in 10 or 15 minutes. The snowstorm people think they are entitled to have that parking space unoccupied the entire day while they are at work.  Newsflash to these people – you may own your house, but you don’t own the street!
  • How about dog owners who let their canine pee or poop on your property and don’t bother to clean up afterwards.  I once saw this guy allow his dog to poop on my parents’ front yard.  When I caught him in the act, he treated me as if I owed him an apology!

  • This one is my personal least favorite.  Someone you know has the cold or flu, invites you over and then doesn’t tell you about their illness until after you’ve come in close contact with them.
  • People who borrow things and think they don’t have to return them.  I have had a DVD of my favorite movie (“Swordfish”), other DVDs, a fishing net, and cash borrowed and never returned.  On top of this, I was dating a young lady years ago and she borrowed my car just to go to the corner store and buy some gum – so she claimed. She didn’t return the car for 3 days!
  • People who can best be described as “one uppers.”  Whenever you tell a story they have a story on a similar subject that tops yours.
  • People who say “I told you so.”  Need I expound on this one?
  • People who leave their cell phones on when attending religious services and then it rings and destroys everyone’s concentration.
  • Road Ragers.  You simply forget to put on your blinker.  We’re all human and make small mistakes. That fat head behind you blasts his horn, flashes you the finger and practically runs you off the road.  Then to top it all off when he passes you, you spot a United We Stand bumper sticker on his car. 
  • Airheaded people who pull up to the exact change lane at the toll, and then take five minutes trying to find money they should have had counted before arriving at the toll.
  • This last act of rudeness you may have never seen, however, I have.  I was sitting in a gynecology clinic waiting room while overseas. There were many pregnant women waiting to be seen.  In the middle of all of them is this man and he’s smoking a cigarette.  Maybe he mistook the pregnant women for obese women and thought he was at the fat farm!


Copyright 2011; Greg S.

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