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Earth to Government – “Come In!”

Excuse my logic but if other areas of our nation are in as much trouble as mine (Bergen County, New Jersey), our country is in deep doo-doo.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Submitted for your viewing and consideration are the dismal images below, all vacated buildings that once housed thriving businesses in Bergen County.  It is interesting to note that historically, Bergen Countyhas always been considered one of the more affluent counties in the nation.  Some of these businesses probably went belly-up.  Others probably saw that this area just wasn’t as much of a choice location to be in as it once was. Either way, it’s time for our government to take notice, and all parties to put political differences aside.  Businesses are failing at an alarming rate. Foreclosures are soaring.  The percentage of people living in poverty in this country is at an all-time high. It’s time our elected officials start working for all of our peoples.

Hackensack Pathmark


Former Best Western Motel, River Edge


Staples and Tiger Schulman's, Paramus, NJ


The Forum Diner, Paramus, NJ


The Computer Learning Center, Paramus, NJ

 Is any business safe? Who’s next?


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In the Center Ring – Boehner and Obama

 Excuse my logic but doesn’t it seem like Representative John Boehner is so cantankerous toward President Obama that if Obama issued a proclamation stating “the sky is blue” Boehner would push through legislation that says “the sky is pink.”  I voted for Barack Obama and admittedly I now sometimes wonder if it was the right choice.  However, at present, the climate inWashingtonis so counterproductive, backstabbing and negative that it makes me feel sad for Obama and for our nation as a whole. As for Boehner, you just take one look at him and you know he lives to bust other peoples’ chops.  (I’d like to say he likes to bust something else but this blog is rated PG).

John Boehner


With respect to Obama, he should never had acquiesced to the Republicans’ demands that he change the night for his address to a special joint session of Congress that was planned for September 7.  Yes it’s true that Obama may have thought offering an olive branch to the GOP is the best way to mend fences and get both parties back to working together for the good of the nation.  However, in doing this he has also inadvertently given his tacit approval of allowing the opposition to dictate to the Office of the President.  The Republicans have no significant proposals on the board for fixing the economy, creating jobs, or in general getting this nation back on the right track.  The only thing they are able to do is trash Obama and then parade around as if they are the party of good government.

When I was in college, the fraternity I belonged to had several brothers who were members of a group called the “Young Republicans.” I can tell my readers from experience that these people were never happy unless they were debasing someone.

That seems to be the Republican mentality.  I have come to the conclusion that the entire political scene is so devoid of conscience that a friend of mine has the right idea. He suggests that the best president would be an IBM super computer.  I would like to take that idea one step further.  Let’s replace all of our elected leaders with computers.  Computers would have no party affiliation, would work for free, wouldn’t be influenced by special interests and would be super efficient.  These are all qualities that sadly, right now are lacking in some of our elected leaders. 


Copyright 2011; Greg S.



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