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Don’t Just Excuse My Logic, Excuse My Absence!

First I’d like to thank those of you who were kind enough to tune into Excuse My Logic over the several years that I posted regularly. I especially appreciated those of you who commented on its content, regardless of whether you shared my opinion or not.

I took a sabbatical from posting to work on a novel that is very dear to me. It is dear to me because all the other novels I wrote and tried getting published (the last one I self published) were sort of trashy suspense stories, some of which were basically just slasher fiction.

My newest novel which I just self-published on Smashwords is titled “Two Nuts and a Bolt.” It is also dear to me because it is very personal to me. The two main characters, Skip Jack and Lance Axelrod are paranoid schizophrenics, like myself.

I do not wish to disclose any of the plot material because truthfully, I hope some of my readers will purchase the book from Smashwords, which is an affordable $.99. However I will state that it is a story with a message of hope for those who are mentally challenged. The story proffers that mentally challenged people wish to be loved just like everybody else. Even some people we as a society label as “evil” likely became that way because no one took the time to love them

The story culminates with Skip and Lance overcoming a myriad of obstacles to eventually achieve “sanity.” It is a message of hope for the mentally challenged because the underlying motif of this story is that the mentally challenged have to often work long and hard to find their place in society but can do just that if they have a passion to succeed.

Ultimately Two Nuts and a Bolt is a romantic comedy but I promise if you have a heart there are some sections that will make you cry as well.

I sincerely hope you will consider purchasing a copy and also recommending it to your friends. As for Excuse My Logic in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back.” However it may be a little while because after writing the book for two years and then the subsequent work of getting it formatted, designing a cover and finally going through the mechanics of self-publishing I am just a little winded.

However, I can state I loved every minute of it. If you do choose to read my book I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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