Excuse my logic but I think the whole Flat Earther movement is just the most desperate attempt I’ve seen yet of pro-athletes, specifically NBA Basketball Players trying for every publicity grab they can get.

Players such as Kyrie Irving and former great Shaquille O’Neal argue that NASA and other scientific agencies doctor photos of the Earth to male it appear a sphere. They further argue that when you drive cross country the landscape is flat, hence the Earth being the same.

In the interest of brevity I will just cite several points that should clearly put to rest any idea that we live on a flat Earth.  First, if you look at a ship, in the best case, a ship with a tall mast as it sails away from the beach toward the horizon you will see the bottom portion  of the vessel disappear, followed by the middle portion and finally the masts themselves will sink from view.  This is because the boat is descending over the gradual curvature of the Earth.  The boat doesn’t just disappear all at once as it would on a flat Earth.

Second point to consider.  If the Earth were indeed shaped like a flat dinner plate or frisbee when people, ships, or other vehicles came to “the end” doesn’t it follow they would just fall off and into the abyss of outer space?

Third and last point which I learned some years ago from someone smarter than I.   If you take a plane from the United States to say Europe or Asia and then take the plane back there is a noticeable difference in travel time between the two flights.  I used to attribute this to wind currents  but that’s only part of the story.  When the plane is flying in the same direction as the spherical Earth’s rotation it takes longer to reach its destination because that destination on the Earth is spinning away from the plane which is moving at a slower speed.  However when your plane is flying against the spin the destination is moving toward the plane courtesy of the Earth’s rotation and thus you arrive faster. On a flat Earth this phenomenon would probably not occur.

All I ask is that people consider all the evidence before being caught up in a celebrity worship that leaves them blinded to the truth.








































































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