Excuse my logic but as the attached photo shows, those of us in the suburbs have a weird wiring setup.  Why in the world do we run electrical and phone wires through large trees.  It’s simple logic.  When heavy storms come and blow down the trees down go the wires with them.  The end result is dangerous live wires laying on the ground and costly repairs at the taxpayers’ expense.

As well, the abundance of telephone poles in our neighborhoods is also dangerous.  If one happens to topple, God help the pedestrian or motorist who is caught underneath. As well, phone poles seem like magnets to out of control motorists.

To go off on a slight tangent, our President proposes a $1 trillion infrastructure redo.  In my humble opinion, the cost to bring our nation’s antiquated infrastructure up to European or Chinese standards would be trillions, not one trillion.

However, if said redevelopment is to ever take place I hope suburbs such as mine where this photo was taken will be altered so that all electrical and phone wires are placed underground, such as is done in nearby communities to mine including Montville and Pine Brook, NJ. Things will be a lot safer

In the winter, the birds may not like underground wires, but let them fly south.



Tree Picture



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