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Would one of YOUR Grandparents make a good President of the United States?

Excuse my logic but given the current crop of presidential candidates, namely Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump isn’t it time that we add a constitutional amendment that sets an age ceiling on someone’s holding the office of president of the United States.

Both candidates are approaching the age of 70 and there have been serious questions raised about both candidates’ health.

Their performance during this campaign seems to justify the concern over their age.  Trump blasts everyone in sight like an angry old man.  

In the case of Clinton she is caught in a classic catch 22.  When people voice concerns over her health citing the infamous fall she took shortly before she was to testify in a Benghazi hearing her staff insists there’s no cause for concern.  She used that fall and the ensuing “confusion” she claimed to be suffering as an excuse to dodge the hearing.  Yet now her staff  insists she is fine.  If she didn’t fall at all, then she lied to the public several years ago.  If she did in fact fall then there is good reason to believe that she may have suffered a concussion with long lasting repercussions.

Ronald Reagan was 70 years old when he took office.  By the time he was well into his second term and now in his mid to late 70s I recall hearing stories that he would sometimes nod off right in the middle of Cabinet meetings.

In this author’s opinion both candidates seem to repeat the same tired ideas and the same boring rhetoric day in and day out.  Furthermore the campaign has reduced itself to two candidates who spend most of their time chastising one another, sort of like two little kids each mad that they are not getting their way.  It is a known fact that when people reach advancing age they often revert to behaving like children.  The evidence that these two candidates are acting just that way is on daily display.

Given the complex problems of our country and the world, especially in areas of environmental destruction, terrorism, famine and economic instability we don’t need tired old hacks to run our country.  We need the vitality, energy and imagination that comes with youth. 

Let’s put a maximum age on serving as President of the United States NOW.

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The “real” Donald Trump slogan

Having watched Donald Trump seemingly insult his way to the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential election I think his real campaign slogan should be “make America hate again.”


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