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I’m no fan of Godsmack

Excuse my logic, but don’t many people have a way of perverting their religion (this goes for all denominations) in ways that would almost leave them better off with no religion at all? In support of this question, I will leave you with more questions but no answers because I believe that to get to the truth each person must forge his own path and seek answers on their own..  So I would urge anyone reading to ponder the sampling of questions and observations below.

There was a book written by U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Robert L. Scott entitled “God is My Copilot.”  Wasn’t that just a tad egotistical of the good general?  Shouldn’t God be the pilot?  Doesn’t the title imply that the general was elevating himself above the status of his creator?

 Simpler to comprehend but no less illogical, dog is God spelled backwards.  People always tout dog as man’s best friend. Isn’t that backwards too?  Shouldn’t God be man’s best friend?

Isn’t it a sad commentary on society as a whole when we see so many people worshipping other people more than they do their God?

Isn’t it also crazy when someone declares idiotically “so and so has more money than god?”  Excuse my logic, but God is far above needing legal tender.

What about that trucking company known as “Guaranteed Overnight Delivery” that highlights its initials which are G.O.D.?  Crass commercialism.  Isn’t it akin to taking the lord’s name in vain?

How about people who elevate patriotism to the status of a religion?  We say the pledge of allegiance in schools, but quiet time for prayer whereby a student can pray in whatever fashion they choose is rarely allotted in the schedule. 

Then I ask, what do we make of people who allow their lives to be guided more by astrology than their Bible, Torah or Koran?

Then we have the current dilemma faced by the Catholic Church.  It is true that Jesus never married and those who choose to preach his gospel in the Catholic faith are displaying their fealty to him by remaining single.  Yet today the Catholic Church is rife with scandals of indiscretion by priests. Why does the Church fly in the face of the current realty when other major religions allow their clergy to marry? Why do they continue to prohibit marriage by their priests?

And now for the million dollar question concerning religion that a man once asked me. I was in my mosque attending a wedding of a friend’s family member. This man came up to me and said that it was his first time in a mosque and he wasn’t sure how to behave.  I responded that the mosque is a good place and he should feel comfortable and at home as he would in any other place of worship.  Then he hit me with it.  “Greg,” he began.  “Why is it that in this day in age we have so many religions, each professing to worship our creator and everyone goes around saying how religious they are, yet there’s so much killing in the world?”

That man I believe was a truth seeker.  I was awestruck by his question.  I do not have an answer.  The question is far too grandiose in scope.  The best thing I can do is put it out there for others, perhaps someone reading this blog, to provide me the answer.

Copyright 2009; Greg S. 

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