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Excuse my logic but as the attached photo shows, those of us in the suburbs have a weird wiring setup.  Why in the world do we run electrical and phone wires through large trees.  It’s simple logic.  When heavy storms come and blow down the trees down go the wires with them.  The end result is dangerous live wires laying on the ground and costly repairs at the taxpayers’ expense.

As well, the abundance of telephone poles in our neighborhoods is also dangerous.  If one happens to topple, God help the pedestrian or motorist who is caught underneath. As well, phone poles seem like magnets to out of control motorists.

To go off on a slight tangent, our President proposes a $1 trillion infrastructure redo.  In my humble opinion, the cost to bring our nation’s antiquated infrastructure up to European or Chinese standards would be trillions, not one trillion.

However, if said redevelopment is to ever take place I hope suburbs such as mine where this photo was taken will be altered so that all electrical and phone wires are placed underground, such as is done in nearby communities to mine including Montville and Pine Brook, NJ. Things will be a lot safer

In the winter, the birds may not like underground wires, but let them fly south.



Tree Picture



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The “real” Donald Trump slogan

Having watched Donald Trump seemingly insult his way to the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential election I think his real campaign slogan should be “make America hate again.”


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Don’t Just Excuse My Logic, Excuse My Absence!

First I’d like to thank those of you who were kind enough to tune into Excuse My Logic over the several years that I posted regularly. I especially appreciated those of you who commented on its content, regardless of whether you shared my opinion or not.

I took a sabbatical from posting to work on a novel that is very dear to me. It is dear to me because all the other novels I wrote and tried getting published (the last one I self published) were sort of trashy suspense stories, some of which were basically just slasher fiction.

My newest novel which I just self-published on Smashwords is titled “Two Nuts and a Bolt.” It is also dear to me because it is very personal to me. The two main characters, Skip Jack and Lance Axelrod are paranoid schizophrenics, like myself.

I do not wish to disclose any of the plot material because truthfully, I hope some of my readers will purchase the book from Smashwords, which is an affordable $.99. However I will state that it is a story with a message of hope for those who are mentally challenged. The story proffers that mentally challenged people wish to be loved just like everybody else. Even some people we as a society label as “evil” likely became that way because no one took the time to love them

The story culminates with Skip and Lance overcoming a myriad of obstacles to eventually achieve “sanity.” It is a message of hope for the mentally challenged because the underlying motif of this story is that the mentally challenged have to often work long and hard to find their place in society but can do just that if they have a passion to succeed.

Ultimately Two Nuts and a Bolt is a romantic comedy but I promise if you have a heart there are some sections that will make you cry as well.

I sincerely hope you will consider purchasing a copy and also recommending it to your friends. As for Excuse My Logic in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back.” However it may be a little while because after writing the book for two years and then the subsequent work of getting it formatted, designing a cover and finally going through the mechanics of self-publishing I am just a little winded.

However, I can state I loved every minute of it. If you do choose to read my book I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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Give Obama a Passing Grade on Fighting Terrorism

Excuse my logic but there’s some talk going around the comments sections to internet stories about President Obama that suggest he is a softie and I would like to refute that suggestion once and for all.

I saw one comment in particular from a writer who said that Iran’s ratcheting up its nuclear ambitions, Egypt putting 16 Americans on trial and increasingly frequent murders of Americans in Afghanistan are all a test of Obama’s mettle.  This writer went on to say that these countries and others think the President is “soft.”

Now I am not one of these people who think President Obama can do no wrong.  However give credit where credit is due.  He authorized the taking out of the World’s number one terrorist Osama Bin Laden.  More recently he ordered air strikes that may have played a large part in weakening Muammar Gadhafi’s position and leading to his capture and execution.


Do these two actions listed above sound like those of someone who is “soft?”  I am sure that for thousands of relatives of 911 victims and Pan Am Lockerbie victims, Mr. Obama’s actions have brought a deep sense of relief.

The people who complain about Obama being weak will be the first ones to protest if their children are sent to war.  As well, the people with no children and nothing to lose are always squawking that we should go to war. 

Separately, I would offer several words of caution for all you hawks who think we should decimate Iran.  I know a young man from Iran who is fairly intelligent and not prone to exaggeration.  He says in a ground war, the U.S.would sustain many casualties, probably many more than in Iraq because the Iranian soldiers are very adept fighters and are known for being willing to fight to the death. 


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What Bumper Stickers Say About Us

Excuse my logic but I love looking at bumper stickers on cars and then drawing a picture in my mind as to what kind of person the driver of that car is.

Now there are as many bumper stickers out there as there are people unhappy with the current state of affairs.  Below are just some of my favorites, some in particular for their acerbic nature.  Next to each bumper sticker slogan is my theory as to who is driving that car.

  • “There is no gravity, the Earth just sucks”.  A moribund, miserable person who you’d just love to flash the bird at.
  • “I’ll keep my guns, money and freedom.  You can keep The Change.”  John McCain, Sarah Palin lover.
  • “My other car is a Mercedes.”  Delusional person who probably couldn’t even spell Mercedes if asked to.
  • “The Meek Shall Inherit Shit.”  Type-A personality ball buster who you’d best just walk away from.
  • “Three Wise Men.  Are You Serious?”  A bona fide man hater who probably would have voted for Michele Bachmann.
  • “The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.”  WOW.  Bet he’s got like one friend.
  • “I am a fan of the Boston Red Sox or whoever’s playing the Yankees.”  I could really hit it off with this guy myself as I am a Yankee hater.
  • “Somewhere inTexas, a village is missing an idiot.”  A bleeding heart liberal who would even have voted Pee Wee Herman for president if it meant defeating George Bush.  
  • “God is coming and boy is SHE pissed.”  Maybe God is a woman but people like this who are always predicting the imminent end of the world are just real downers.
  • “Don’t Laugh. It’s paid for.”  Was anyone laughing?  This person is probably paranoid.
  • “My Eighth Grader can beat up your honor’s student.”  This guy probably loves to bet on dog fights too.
  • “Nuclear Power Plants are built better than Jane Fonda.”  This was a popular 1970s sticker.  The person who flaunts this message probably thinks the incidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi were just make- believe.
  • “University of Hard Knocks.”  This sticker resembles one of those formal looking rear window deals that Ivy Leaguers like to flaunt on their car.   Do I detect someone with a persecution complex?
  • “Nobody on board.”  A yellow diamond sticker rear window job akin to those annoying “Baby On Board” affairs.  The person who displays these stickers is probably a nerd or geek and likely a very humble and ingratiating type of individual.
  • “Life sucks, then you die.”  Not someone you want to invite over for a New Year’s party, or ANY party for that matter.
  • “America. Love it or Leave It.”  This guy probably has one of those “Go Away” doormats at the entrance to his home.
  • Last, and my favorite, this slogan wasn’t on a bumper sticker but was rather written on vanity license plates for a shiny expensive looking Jaguar. The driver was a young woman. The license plate simply said “WAS HIS.”  Would have hated to be her husband.

Now lest you think from the above sampling some of my favorite bumper stickers that I am one of those beer-chugging, shotgun toting rednecks who drives a pickup truck, please scroll down to see my all time favorite bumper sticker. PEACE.














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They’re called “Piggy Banks” for a Reason

Excuse my logic and my provinciality but I feel us New Jerseyans are being duped and exploited by both the Port Authority of New York andNew Jersey as well as byNew York City in general. Just for starters notice that it is called Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, New York getting top billing in this two-party act.

People of my generation will certainly recall their parents or grandparents telling them that when the George Washington Bridge as well as the Lincoln Tunnel were built, the public was promised that once the funding had been paid off (presumably within 50 years of completion) these facilities would become free to everyone.  It’s no newsflash that this hasn’t happened.

The GW Bridge was completed in 1931 and the LincolnTunnel (2nd tube included) sometime in the early 1940s. So 50 years has come and passed and still we are paying higher and higher tolls. 

Same Bridge, Different Fare

To put things in perspective let’s look at some numbers.  The two tubes of the Lincoln Tunnel cost approximately $160 million to build. The GW Bridge cost approximately $75 million to build.  According to statistics culled from Wikipedia approximately 106 million vehicles ravel the GWB per year.  So if you divide that figure in half (The amount of vehicles crossing into the city and paying the toll) you get 53 million vehicles.  53 million times $12 equals $636 million for just one year.  Are you getting the picture?  Current one year toll receipts are nine times what the bridge cost!  They’ve been collecting hundreds of millions each year for decades and still want more.

The numbers are not as stark but still eye opening for the Lincoln Tunnel.   Approximately 22 million tolls are collected per year according to Wikipedia’s stats. 22 million times $12 equals $264 million.  Once again, one year of tolls pays what the total cost of the tunnels was and then some.

Now mind you, I don’t propose abolishing tolls all together although the astronomical amounts of money that have been collected over the years would certainly justify such an action.  Obviously it does cost money to run these facilities.  However, the Port Authority and the powers that be are forever crying poor and raising the tolls when in fact the figures just cited above would certainly prove them liars. 

Furthermore, there’s a certain psychology that permeates this whole fiasco.  As a New Jerseyan, I find it interesting that you only pay the toll when going intoNew York City.  It’s as if New York City is some Nirvana like kingdom and Jerseyans are not worthy of passing through its gates unless we pay for the privilege. 

Trust me, there is a dynamic here at work.  Consider the proposed train tunnel that was to connect New Jersey to Manhattan that Governor Chris Christie scuttled Last October. I recall reading certain news accounts that some New Yorkers felt New Jerseyand the Federal Government alone should have paid for this huge undertaking, the rationale being that New York City already provides us Jerseyans with jobs so this would be our dues to pay.  It’s as if New York City is this divine benefactor and that all the giving is one way.

Need I remind New Yorkers that Jerseyans flock to their Broadway plays, concerts, sporting events, restaurants, tourist attractions and airports by the millions, thus creating countless jobs for New Yorkers as well?

I wonder how New Yorkers would feel if one day New Jersey as it always has, kept charging them for the use of our countless beaches and state parks that they so love to frequent while allowing Jersey people to use them for free?  Or if we began charging only New Yorkers for parking at our famous shopping malls?

Just a thought.

PS.  A website called offers an extremely illuminating analysis of what happens to all the toll money that is collected as well as routes one can take in and around this area to avoid those nasty tolls.


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