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The Presidential Halo Effect

He is often labeled “The Most Powerful Man on Earth.”  He is also the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize.  Excuse my logic, but seriously folks, are we going to label him Saint Obama?

If the photos tell the story maybe he’s already been canonized.

What I am getting at are photos that anyone who likes to Google can find that show some of our recent presidents with what appear to be halos above their heads.

Upon close inspection the viewer will quickly realize that the “halo” is nothing more than the blurred image of the presidential seal that is hung behind the president’s podium whenever he addresses the media or other official gatherings.

Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and now President Obama have all been immortalized with halo photos as shown below.

Now I am really impartial as far as President Obama is concerned.  I am not his biggest fan but then again I am not a detractor. So when I first saw a halo photo last year the skeptical journalistic side of me was fuming that certain liberal members of the media had deliberately shot the photo that way to imbue Obama with divine persona.

Upon calming down over this phenomenon, I started Googling and soon saw that the other aforementioned presidents had also been adorned with halos in their photos.

Once I had the chance to think the whole thing over I must confess that I think the entire staging of these photos may have some positive sides.

We live in what is still the greatest most successful country on Earth. Serving as the president of this great nation is not an easy task.  No matter what he does, there will always be some special interest group, lobbyist group or other naysayers that call him out.

When a new president is elected he rides into Washington on the wave of being picked the most popular politician in the country.  People have high hopes.  So is it surprising or even inaccurate to picture him with a halo?  After all, albeit temporarily, the new president is often regarded as a sort of messiah who will safeguard our freedoms and deliver us to a life of prosperity and security.  Of course, things don’t always turn out that way.

As well with regard to the halo, serving as president despite all the security protection he receives is a dangerous job.  Two sitting presidents have been assassinated and countless other presidents have been the target of thwarted attempts on their lives.

Thus, the office of the president is in my opinion sacrosanct.  To those who diss our country, be they Americans or others, I ask you to consider what other nation on earth has so welcomed immigrants from every walk of life and from every country the world over.  Furthermore, look at countries such as North Korea, Iran, and now in particular Syria.  Their records on human rights are atrocious.  We in America like to complain when one of our civil rights is trampled on.  Yet unlike Syria and other countries our president doesn’t employ secret hit squads to mow down anyone who opposes him.  Here we are free to speak our mind and assemble peacefully to protest that which we don’t like about our government.

In recent years our past presidents and current one, have never been caught being drunk or impaired while on the job. Each of them has had to live in the huge fishbowl existence that the modern day media has created and have all behaved admirably well with grace under pressure.

In short, while someone reading this may not think that our current president or any specific past presidents are holy figures, the office of the President itself is a sacred spot.

Pictured below are some of our presidents wearing halos.  If you want to have a little fun, picture what some of the distant past presidents would have looked like wearing one. In particular, I think Martin Van Buren would have looked hideous with one.

Here’s to the presidency and God Bless America.

Copyright 2012; Greg S.


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Fair Air Fare?

Excuse my logic but who hasn’t heard a friend or colleague exclaim “Next we’ll have to pay for the air we breathe!”  Is this as far fetched as it seems?

A friend of mine claims that he heard of some politician actually floating the idea of charging people for the oxygen they consume at individualized rates based on each person’s body weight.  As we have often heard, the United States in particular has a problem with obesity amongst the general population so we would quite literally be paying through the nose.

I looked up this concept on Google and Yahoo Search.  There is a smattering of posts by the general public addressing this idea.  There is no mention of the politician my friend referred to.  I would suggest then that we are in no imminent danger of having to pay for our oxygen.

However, there has been discussion on a major radio show about the inverse of this pay for oxygen gibberish.  I recall listening to a talk show host (it was either Michael Savage or Michael Smerconish) last year conjecture how in its mad dash to slow  CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, various world governments could one day outlaw the simple human act of exhaling.

So in the worst case scenario we would pay for the oxygen we breathe and then it would be illegal to exhale.  Talk about a conundrum?  I think back to when Bill Clinton uttered his now famous expression “I didn’t inhale.”  Pretty soon we could find all of ourselves saying the same thing.

With all of the above in mind, I herewith list other things that we take for granted which the fatalists probably believe we could one day absurdly be charged for.

Sunlight.  I don’t know the mechanics of how our exposure rates could be measured, but if there’s a way to make money off the Sun some enterprising government or corporation will do it.

Rain.  Aren’t most people already charged for the water they use?  So is this idea far off?

Noise.  Yes, we could be charged for the noise we make.  For years extremist environmentalists have complained about noise pollution.  Charging us for any sounds we make either purposefully or accidentally would be the defining moment for these zealots.

Happiness.  Misery loves company so the saying goes.  If our world were to be taken over by a really miserable dictatorial individual, happiness could come with a price.

Now all of this may sound like Orwellian thought for the 21st Century but consider this. We now have people charging other people for the right to own a star in outer space.  We are told like it or not we have to wear seat belts.  The government will sometimes step in and mandate chemotherapy for a child against the parents’ wishes.  In China, a large percentage of families are allowed to have one child only. 

Getting back to the original point of this blog, namely the possibility that one day we could be charged for the oxygen we breathe.  Yes it could happen, but if you’ll pardon the pun, “Don’t hold your breath.”


Copyright 2011; Greg S.    









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