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Problem Solving 101

Excuse my logic but if you are confounded by a seemingly insurmountable problem there is hope. 

One of my best friends at college who is today a very successful businessman (his sophisticated marketing ideas were even once mentioned in Time Magazine) had a method of solving problems that is downright ingenious.

He said that if he had trouble figuring out what to do about something, he closed his eyes and imagined that he was seated at the head of a long conference table.  Seated at each side of this table were experts in whatever field of endeavor his quandary fell under.  He would then ask the members of his imaginary think tank to suggest a course of action.

So let’s say for example that President Obama wanted to apply this methodology to solving our country’s economic woes.  He could sit himself down in the oval office and order all staff to leave.  Then he could close his eyes and picture seated around him economic luminaries past and present.  He would be surrounded by the likes of Milton Friedman, John Kenneth Galbraith, John Maynard Keynes, Paul Krugman, Paul Volcker, John D. Rockefeller, Warren Buffett, J. Paul Getty, J.P. Morgan and Mickey Mouse.

Did I just add Mickey Mouse to that illustrious list? Just making sure you are paying attention.

Hmmm. What would Honest Abe had done?


This simple technique of problem solving has infinite possibilities.  Take a single guy having trouble scoring a hot girlfriend.  He could sit down, close his eyes and imagine seated around him a bevy of famous beautiful women.  He could ask each of them their favorite turn-on. Then he could apply the intelligence he gathered toward the attempt at securing a significant other.  Notice I didn’t name any of these beauties by name as I would hate to ruin my marriage. 

A comedian searching for good material could picture himself surrounded by Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, David Letterman, Eddie Murphy, George Carlin and so on.

So by now you get the picture.  This approach to solving dilemmas can be utilized to obtain the answers to almost any riddle known to mankind. 

I think the hipsters in today’s society have a nickname for a similar process. When someone is summoning the spirits of others, past or present, it is referred to as  “channeling.”  I remember hearing when Lady Gaga serenaded Bill Clinton last October at the “Decade of Difference,” concert celebrating Clinton’s Foundation, some observers commented that she was channeling Marilyn Monroe.

So happy channeling.  However, remember, don’t get too comfortable in the fantasy land that you create for yourself. 

You may oversleep dinner. 



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Casino Logic

Excuse My Logic but on the subject of gambling casinos isn’t there just a plethora of illogical behavior that can be observed?  Before we get to some juicy examples, I’d like to offer several sweeping observations about this activity.

A great many people who go to the casinos combine drinking with gambling to make the experience complete.  This in itself is illogical and I’ll explain why. As you all know the odds are stacked in favor of the house. Therefore, for someone to even have the slightest ray of hope that they’ll beat the house, they need to bet intelligently.  When you’re completely intoxicated you are the casino’s best friend.  The people who run casinos salivate over people who play while drunk.  This is their bread and butter.

For example, in a game of blackjack, let’s say the dealer is showing a six on his up card and has his other card down. Let’s say you are showing eighteen with your two cards facing up.  A drunk player will sometimes actually be stupid enough to ask the dealer for a third card and this poor sucker has an 11 out of 13 chance of “busting” (going over 21), all the while it was likely that the dealer himself was going to bust meaning the drunk fool could have won simply by “holding” (not taking that deadly third card).

Repeat!  If you want a night of drinking, go to a bar.  Don’t go to a casino. You are bound to lose.

Now for some of the more illogical anecdotes I have heard about casinos.

I knew one man who owned a photo processing store down in South Jersey who told me he had also worked as a dealer in Atlantic City.  He told me that on many occasions, people who had lost their entire wad at his table actually asked him if they could get a refund!  To borrow from the movie “When Harry Met Sally” I’d like to have some of what they’d been drinking.

Another thing I find highly illogical about casino goers are those people who get “comped” to an expensive room.   Sure the room is valued at $300 for the night but if you drop $5,000 at the tables how can you have the naiveté to say that you “got a great deal.” Duh!

Then you have these high roller types who have no concept of the world around them and the massive human suffering that exists on the planet today.  They will think nothing of blowing thousands or even hundreds of thousands at a casino in a year but balk at the idea of giving some money to a worthwhile charity.  Does the name John Daly ring a bell?”  In all fairness to the pro golfer he may be quite philanthropic as well.  How about Gordon Gecko in reverse?  “Wastefulness is Good!”

There is a longstanding rumor that some casinos actually pumped fresh oxygen into the gaming areas to keep gamblers wide awake and at the tables longer.  I have never been able to verify if this has any basis in fact.  However, I have another suggestion for these casino owners. Why not pump in helium instead?  Then when John Q. Public and his irate wife Jane are barreling up the NJ Turnpike having a heated argument about how much money John lost at least they’ll have a good laugh at the fact that they are both talking like Mickey Mouse.

Copyright 2010; Greg S.

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