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What a Difference a Simple . Makes

Excuse my logic but on this the weekend of this year’s Super Bowl I thought this was the best time to share an observation. Admittedly this thought has nothing to do with the two teams playing this year.

It concerns those Tag Heuer Advertisements that feature New England Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady.  I would love to post the photo of this ad but for copyright reasons thought it better not to. We have these billboards all over New Jersey.

The billboard shows a picture of a uniformed Tom Brady with the slogan #Don’t Crack Under Pressure. Wouldn’t it be interesting if a simple period (punctuation mark that is) was added between the words “Crack” and “Under” in this ad? It would become “Don’t Crack. Under Pressure.”  Under would become an adverb for the verb pressure as in under inflate.  I don’t think any further explanation is necessary.









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